Commercially, San Nikolla uses a moderate and adaptive strategy of employing a portion of the fleet on longer period charters and the rest on spot employments or short period time charters.

Through the experience, knowledge, and network of our management team, as well as our advanced in-house market research capabilities, we constantly optimize the deployment of the fleet both geographically and timing-wise.

Maritime & Transport Business Solutions services
Maritime & Transport Business Solutions

Our Mission

San Nikolla Group owns and manages a well maintained fleet of general cargo vessels that transport cargoes efficiently and in a way that protects human health, the environment and the vessels in operation, and that meets or exceeds the safety and quality standards of the industry and of our customers. Our vessels are manned by competent and well-trained seafarers and are operated by experienced and highly skilled onshore professionals.

Our Expertise

San Nikolla aims is and intends to continue to be one of most efficient operators. In house technical and commercial management allows it to take advantage of synergies and economies of scale from managing several similar vessels, thereby containing operating costs and overheads. At the same time the extensive experience of management team ensures quality of operation and continues compliance with all environmental regulations and maritime safety standards. We operate in full compliance with ISM requirements as well as adopted ISO Standards to ensure safe and effective ship management.

Trusted and long-lasting relationships are at the heart of what we do. We focus on building and maintaining relationship with all our counter-parties, from charterers and brokers to shipyards and financial institutions.

San Nikolla Group offers the complete range of maritime services

We provide our ships and services to meet the diversified needs responding to the changes and trends of a new age.
In addition, our high-standard ship holding and management ability has earned an excellent reputation over years.




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